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Using roles and users of wepapp

Question asked by rnauruhn on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk
Dear all,

I am currently evaluating Activiti as to embed it as workflow engine in our existing application. Currently we have a hard coded workflow but with the number of companies which use it growing the need of customizable workflow(s) is also growing.

While reading the user guide and the example code I did not find a solution for one of my problems:

Our application ist hosted at our location and can be accessed by a number of companies with their users. It is used to manage orders. Each order has a variable number of participants and each participant has a defined role within the order (e.g.: client, provider, printer, …). Depending on the orders state and the users role the user has to perform tasks which can result in a change of the orders state. When using Activiti I have to model the currently hard coded process. One task in the process could be that one of the participants with the role "provider" has to upload a pdf for proofing. After this has been done the next task could be that one of the participants with the role "client" has to make an approval of the pdf. My problem is now that I don't know how to model this. If I understould it correctly I will put a user task in the process (e.g. for the upload pdf task) which needs a candidateGroup. This group can not have a fix name as there will be running several processes (one for each order) where the group members will be different for each order. What I need would be a group containg all users of my appliaction which are participant of the order and have a specific role (in case of the upload pdf task all users which are participant of the order and have the role "provider").

Next thing I don't know how to is to connect Activiti's group/user management with out application's user management.

Every hint is very welcome.