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Which elements of BPMN leads to creation of new Execution_ID

Question asked by nikki on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by jbarrez
Hello Together,
by analyzing the data from history tables, I am wondering how execution EXECUTION_ID_ 's are generated. I found the following cases:
flow of several tasks: PROC_INST_ID_ = EXECUTION_ID_
splitting AND: for every token the PROC_INST_ID_ is kept and a new EXECUTION_ID_ is generated.
splitting XOR: the task which is not executed gets the same EXECUTION_ID_ as the PROC_INST_ID_ additionally the row of the not executed task has a start and a endtime (Why is that?)
the task which is executed gets a new EXECUTION_ID_
intermediate timer-event: a new  EXECUTION_ID_ is generated for the task

Is this right?
And do there exist more elements (except of gateways) which produce new EXECUTION_ID_?

Thank you, for your help!
greets Nikki