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service-task could be executed asynchronously?

Question asked by lxjchengcu on Feb 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk
I have run some test cases to try to look into Activiti, based on the test results, I found that service task could not be set to be executed asynchronously, is it true? I list part of the process definition here:

<process id="springTransactionTest">
      <startEvent id="start" name="start"/>   
      <sequenceFlow id="sequenceflow1" sourceRef="start" targetRef="simple" />
      <serviceTask id="simple"
                    name="Java service invocation"

I want to know the service task could be executed by job executor? I am eager to find out such feature in Activiti like what Tom has done it in jBPM 4.4, now I am working on a 'redo' feature for our business, i.e. users could have rights to let process instance restarts from specified service task, I have implemented such kind of 'redo' feature in jBPM 4.4, but our client does not want to use jBPM again, so they hope we could switch business to Activiti 5.2, it seems the source code and the APIs of Activiti 5.2 is like jBPM 4.4, but I reviewed the source code, I did not find job executor has similar functionalities like jBPM 4.4, what can I do? I can show you my changes on jBPM 4.4, but I guess you should understand what I want, I really want to get help from you, it could be implemented in Activiti 5.3? or when?