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Problem with starting a Process on the Activiti Engine

Question asked by arno1 on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2011 by frederikheremans1

At work my current Task is to become familiar with Activiti.
Therefore I installed it by using the ant demo.start command, like it is recommended in the userguide.

So my situation can be described as following:

I tried to model a process (or even the same process) like it is shown in the "Getting started: 10 minute tutorial". I opened the Modeler and created a process(-definition) like it is shown at the monthly financial report example. I saved the process and deployed it by using the Activiti Probe application. In the Activiti Explorer I can see the new process but it has no name though i saved the process definition (bmpn20 file) with a self-explaining name.

Here's the first problem: The only things I see is a blank field in the Name - column and a long sid-key in the Key column. Why is there no name and a long key value? Can I take influence on this only by using the Acitivit applications (Modeler)?

The second problem is: When I start this process (the one I modeled, the same example out of the 10 minute tutorial), I should see at the Tasks - menue that the process is running on the engine and I should be able to handle it. But there is nothing displayed! Just when I take a look at the appropriate tables in the Database, I can see that the process ist set running! So why can't I see it in the Activiti Explorer where I should be able to see it and to work with it?

The interesting thing is, that if I use the given example processes in Activiti, I can work with them like it is described in the user manual. Just if I want to work with my own processes, I am not able to do it!

I would be very happy if someone could help me because I'm trying to solve this problem since two weeks without success. I become desperate since I haven't found a solution yet… :-(

I uploadet screenshots of the described steps and situations.

Furthermore I hope, someone can help me. Thanks!  :?:  :cry: