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Deploying Activiti on JBoss

Question asked by tinaki on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by fmarchioni
Hello everyone,
I am trying to deploy Activiti on JBoss and can´t get it to work. I just need the Engine, i want to controll it through the API.
The activiti-explorer woulb be nice but is not so important.

I am not realy sure how to do it but here is what i have tried:
   - At the beginning i have run the demo skript.
   - I´ve deployed all the jars from ACTIVITI_HOME\setup\files\dependencies\libs. (I tried first just the ones listed in the libs.engine.runtime.txt file)
   - After that i have deployed the webapps from C:\Program Files\Java\activiti-5.2\setup\build\webapps.   

I haven´t realy done much with JBoss (maybe thats the Problem) but the server is running good with some test *.war files.

A step by step guide would be amazing but any help is much appreciated.

thanks a lot