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Integration Activiti UserTask and JSF

Question asked by ryu on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by idireneyoucef
Hi all,

Our current project uses JSF and EJB to build applications… I see that Activiti has a nice web application called Activiti Explorer, which uses Spring MVC. With it, views can be called via a userTask and form data are mapped automatically into process's variables. So my question is, if it is possible that we modify our JSF (or the engine) so that JSF has these functionalities with userTask.

I am not familiar with Spring MVC, it would be nice if you can give me:
(1) some hints, or
(2) a list of modifications you can think of, as a starting point for me to look into, or
(3) the fundamentals of Activiti Explorer in relation with Activiti Engine?

Thank you very much