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Processing different versions of activiti flows

Question asked by stroobat on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by frederikheremans1
I've been working with Activiti for some weeks now and for the moment it looks great !
However I'm pretty new to BPMN and have the following question.

Suppose the following situation.

I have a flow in a production environment that looks likes this:

START –> serviceTask(start) –> UserTask –> ServiceTask(A)

In the serviceTasks I use Springbeans.

At some point we detect that the flow is wrong and we want to change it to:

START –> serviceTask(start) –> UserTask –> ServiceTask(A) –> ServiceTASK(B) –> serviceTask©

So I deploy the second process to production.
Normall activiti behavior is that all the usertasks already started in the first flow will keep on using that specific version. So only  ServiceTask(A) will be run.
All the new flows will follow the new version and will also execute ServiceTask(A),ServiceTASK(B),serviceTask©.

But what if my first flow was wrong ?? And I want all the tasks already created in the first flow to be handled like defined in the second flow ?

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