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Using newly created plugins

Question asked by rashmis on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2011 by tiesebarrell

I had made some changes in the Activiti source code (modified existing plugins and added a few plugins of my own). It is working fine when i launch my test for these changes using right click -> Run As -> Eclipse Application on org.activiti.designer.eclipse folder in my workspace.

Now I want to test this as stand alone. i.e, copy all my plugins (built using mvn clean install) onto a fresh eclipse helios installation and replace its existing activiti jars with my plugin jars… in which case I should see all my changes on launch, right ? But that is not happening ? What am I missing ?

Note : I started off making changes with activiti 0.6.0 releasesource code and now I see that the latest update available for eclipse is 0.8.0. So i replaced all the org.activiti.*-0.8.0.jars in plugin directory with my *-0.6.0.jars . But this is not working either.

Please help.