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user.home/.activiti does not exist

Question asked by piseven on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by piseven
Hi Guys,

i just started to work on activiti and now i got a really strange problem.

first i ran the demo setup and all the stuff. then i wanted to try out to build activiti by myself.
after some proxy issues with maven i finally got a successfull build (demo setup is also executable). I also created an own build of the Modeler.

remember: i'm actually trying out all the stuff…
so i just followed all the instructions from the building guides.
in these guides is mentionend, that a lot of properties for any build can be set up in the file at the [user.home]/.activiti folder

now i got following stupid problem:


i even searched my whole disk for it.. without any success

anyone knows this issue?
i have to admit, that i*m on a working station in my company and got no admin rights or anything like this.
and for example eclipse oder maven have their folders (e.g. [user.home]/.eclipse)

any suggestions, why this folder is missing?