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Deploy static files (.png) with the activiti process

Question asked by stroobat on Mar 15, 2011
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We wanted to give the users the ability to show a diagram (as a .png file) in the frontend of the flow.
Because the flow changes from time to time I wanted to couple the change in the .png file to the version of the flow.

I added the following in the Spring config (processEngineConfiguration):
I thought that I could deploy and kind of file (resource) together with an Activiti distribution ?

        <property name="deploymentResources">

I debugged the Activiti code and I can see that the resources are being read but that only the resources ending with ".bpmn20.xml" are peresisted to the activiti db ??

In the past I also deployed .form files (version 5.2) and that was working …

So my qeustion: Can I deploy other files ? Such as .png files in version 5.3 ? And how do I do it ?

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