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Question asked by psernetz on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by nickparker

I am playing around with the mule <-> activiti integration. To start a process from mule I use the

   <activiti:outbound-endpoint description="RequestCampaignCodesProcess">
      <activiti:create-process />

function and define the process with a script:component

      <script:script engine="groovy">
         Map map = new HashMap()
         map.put("processDefinitionId", "RequestCampaignCodes:1:249") //the id of the definition
         //map.put("processDefinitionKey", "RequestCampaignCodes:1") //the id of the definition
         return map

But what is the best way to get the id. I know the name of the process (RequestCampaignCodes) and I know the revision (1), but what about the random number (249)?