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Standalone Setup of activiti

Question asked by koteswarrao on Mar 17, 2011
hi all
i wanted to setup activiti as a standalone system with database support and wants to persist my workflow actions.

presently i am using activiti as a just plugin in my eclipse setup and designing workfows by using "activiti designer". after that i will deploy my workflow and wants to persist the "tasks" which are created in my workflow and will getback later. i tried setting up in the way which i explained above and whenever i am trying to get "processEngine" info using "cretestandaloneprocessengineconfiguarationfromresource("activiti.cfg.xml), its giving error like "there are no database tables exist in the database", and in my project there is no "activiti.cfg.xml" file created automatically. i am only creating an xml file under "src/test/resources" folder. but if i use "createstandaloneinmemProcessengineconfiguaration()" then everytihng working fine, but will not  be able to work with database in this case. can anybody please clarify on this.

how to connect to "h2 database" here, i mean please explain configuaration settings to setup and communicate with the database.

how to deploy processengine and process definition into the database and get them back for future actions.

Koteswar rao