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BPMN stardards and workarounds

Question asked by whataboutbpm on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by whataboutbpm
Hello, After reading this FAQ
What does Activiti do for me as a Java developer?
I think that it might be Activiti what I was looking for so long, but I have invested a long time studying Intalio BPMS community edition (you can find my insights and my interest in BPMS engine here What About BPM.
As you can see there is a topic about BPMN standard as Bruce Silver explain in his book "BPMN Method and Style", the presented model would not work as desired in the above mentioned Engine, so they gave me the advice to re-model it in order to get an executable process based more in bpel like constructs.
My Question is: May I use activity modeler to design such a monitored process without struggling with workarounds?
One of my aims in research is the development of a "human task list manager application" as you can see in my blog abstracted from the server engine implementation.
thank you in advance.
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