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Extra behaviour for Task and TaskQuery

Question asked by tstephen on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by frederikheremans1

I found which at the end talks of adding a dueDate to Task and wondered if there is a JIRA for it? I was looking for just this property and like Joram do not think it should do anything. If it could be linked to a boundary timer event that can have outgoing sequence flow modelled by the developer so much the better but I would still see this as useful as just a piece of information for the user about when she or someone else expects to complete a task. Hopefully I'm thinking along similar lines as you?

Also I was thinking that TaskQuery could benefit from taskMinPriority and maxPriority query clauses in addition to priority (equality test). I believe there is precedent for this by looking at the 3 query clauses for createTime (taskCreatedOn, taskCreatedBefore and taskCreatedAfter). As part of the dueDate work I hope we can also expect taskDueOn, taskDueBefore and taskDueAfter in the query interface?

Apologies if this would be better as two separate posts or if I should have continued the earlier thread, please let me know if you'd prefer that.

I am looking at trunk.
regards, Tim