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Question asked by pjknaup on Mar 29, 2011
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on the WfMC-Website ( you can find the following statement:

XPDL is the Serialization Format for BPMN
BPMN is a visual process notation standard from the OMG, endorsed by WfMC, and broadly adopted across the industry. But the BPMN standard defines only the look of how the process definition is displayed on the screen. How you store and interchange those process definitions is outside the scope of the standard, and this is where XPDL comes in. XPDL provides a file format that supports every aspect of the BPMN process definition notation including graphical descriptions of the diagram, as well as executable properties used at run time.
I am confused. Is this (the red marked statement) still correct with BPMN2.0? Is XPDL the technical XML-representation used by BPMN? Or is this statement just obsolete and wrong?

Thanks in advance!
P J Knaup