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Process Definition Security

Question asked by scolyer on Mar 30, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk
I'm putting this in the developer forum because as far as I can tell this does not yet exist, but perhaps I have missed something.

It would seem that in activiti-explorer or using the java API for ProcessDefinitionQuery that results cannot be group or user dependent. There are many situations, particularly as Activiti would scale up where we don't want all users to see all process models.

Did I miss a way to handle this type of behavior? Or, is it going to be coming in Activiti?

Similarly, but perhaps I should start a new thread is Process security.

Let's say we wanted to report on vacation requests. If I wanted to see all of the vacation requests I took in the past year, I could query the history service to see the tasks assigned to me. I couldn't see the variables of these tasks, but just that the tasks were executed.

Suppose I write vacation request process information to my own data source. This way I could keep track of requests and the applicable dates requested or any other information. For reporting I could query on a given user.  However, what if what I really wanted would be to see the requests of all of the requests for people in my group so we could plan our vacations to not all be away at the same time. If I were to report off of my own data source I would then have to add all of the logic into each of these queries.