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Use existing user / group management

Question asked by stefanr2 on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by vdoyen
I want to use my application's existing user and group management together with activiti. After reading the user guide and these threads [1] I hoped to be able to provide a custom lookup hook that is called whenever a group-to-user resolution and similar tasks need to be done.

I provided a custom IdentitySession as suggested and it gets called when querying tasks with TaskQuery#taskCandidateUser(). However, when looking at the executed sql statements, the internal activiti user tables are still used for lookup. Example:
Executing: select distinct T.* from ACT_RU_TASK T inner join ACT_RU_IDENTITYLINK I on I.TASK_ID_ = T.ID_ WHERE …

What's the best practice here? I don't want to duplicated all my users, groups and relations to the activiti user management.

As an alternative I thought of post-processing a task query, however, attributes like candidateGroups doesn't seem to be stored in the TaskEntity.