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BoundaryEvent linking to a parallelGateway

Question asked by prad on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by prad
Hello all,

I have the following scenario.

A user task with a boundaryEvent for a time duration of 5 mins. At the expiry of this duration, the user task from boundayEvent triggers. Upon completing this task, the sequence joins the main flow and continues further. But in my case, I don't see that the main flow is continuing. It just waits at the join. There are no tasks in the ACT_RU_TASK table. But in ACT_RU_EXECUTION, I can see an entry that seems like waiting at the join. The relevant xml is given below.

      <sequenceFlow targetRef="viewMatter" sourceRef="createMatter" />
      <userTask id="viewMatter" name="View Matter" activiti:assignee="ken"></userTask>
      <sequenceFlow id="normalView" targetRef="join1" sourceRef="viewMatter"></sequenceFlow>
      <parallelGateway id="join1"></parallelGateway>
      <boundaryEvent id="timeOut" cancelActivity="true"  attachedToRef="viewMatter">
      <sequenceFlow targetRef="phoneDebtor" sourceRef="timeOut"></sequenceFlow>
      <userTask id="phoneDebtor" name="Phone Debtor" activiti:assignee="ken"></userTask>
      <sequenceFlow targetRef="join1" sourceRef="phoneDebtor"></sequenceFlow>
      <sequenceFlow targetRef="checkDebtorType" sourceRef="join1"></sequenceFlow>
      <exclusiveGateway id="checkDebtorType" name="Debtor Type"></exclusiveGateway>

Can anyone help me understand if I am doing anything wrong. As far as I can see, I'm only doing something similar to the diagram attached below (from user guide)