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Exclusive Gateway split

Question asked by arno1 on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by jbarrez
I designed a process with the eclipse designer and want to check a condition (true or false).
here's the code of the form where I should get my value to check:

<h1>Handle device request</h1>
${employee} has requested following device: ${kind}
Do you approve this?
   <select name="dev_approved">
      <option value="true">Yes</option>
      <option value="false">No</option>
   <input type="hidden" name="dev_approved" value="Boolean" />

in the two arms of the exclusive gateway i'd like to check wheter the dev_approved condition is true or false
therefore I added following code to the condition section (main config in properties) of the flow (arm):

but when the process comes to this place there's an exception which says: "03060008 Wrapped Exception (with status template): Unknown property used in expression"

so I don't really know where the mistake is, because i let "dev_approved" choose and then I want to check "dev_approved" in the both flows which are outgoing of my exclusive gateway.