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mvn  Unable to find resource 'org.activiti:....'

Question asked by hlux on Apr 11, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2011 by hlux

I tried to create the eclipse project for the activiti-webapp-explorer from the
pom.xml. (mvn eclise:eclipse)

but it seems, that the resources for activiti 5.4 are "missing" on the server

[INFO] Unable to find resource 'org.activiti:activiti-webapp:pom:5.4' in repository activiti (

I had a look at the url and it onlys shows the following entries:

Index of /nexus/content/repositories/activiti/org/activiti/activiti-webapp/
Name    Last Modified    Size    Description
Parent Directory
maven-metadata.xml    Thu Sep 16 15:33:05 BST 2010    385    
maven-metadata.xml.md5    Fri Apr 01 15:06:55 BST 2011    32    
maven-metadata.xml.sha1    Fri Apr 01 15:06:55 BST 2011    40    
5.0.alpha1/    Fri Apr 01 15:06:55 BST 2011         
5.0.alpha2/    Fri Apr 01 15:06:55 BST 2011

are there "problems" with this repository or is there something I'm doing wrong?