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Kickstart will not work with MySQL setup

Question asked by baldy on Apr 10, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2011 by jbarrez
I'm not posting in the "Administrator" forum again. Hopefully someone can answer my question.

I'm trying to run the examples with MySQL instead of hypersonic. I have followed instructions to the letter based on "Changing the database" in the User guide.

1) In I set the database to "mysql" instead of "h2".
2) I ensured my MySQL isntallation has a database named "activiti" and there is a username/password of activiti/activiti that has access to it (and I do see the activiti tables getting created nicely there)
3) I ran "ant cfg.create". This creates the "spring configuration" nicely jar'ed for me under "build".

The problem is that the "Kickstart" and "Administrator" apps do not work. And it is no surprise they don't work. One has a applicationContext.xml that still thinks the datasource is h2. Which tells me there is a problem in the build scripts. Other has a activity-cfg.jar in the WEB-INF\lib folder that still thinks it is h2. I was expecting that once I ran "ant cfg.create" before I ran "ant demo.start" - and I'm running from scratch, the webapps when they got copied under the apps\tomcat directory would take the jar with the correct jar for the datasource configuration. It doesn't.

I tried to manuall fix the problem. i.e. use the output from "ant cfg.create" by copying it into the WEB-INF\lib in one case, and modify the applicationContext.xml  in the other case to configure the datasource to use mysql instead of h2, and then doing "ant demo.stop" followed by "ant demo.start". NO DICE!

I'm very impressed with the simplicity of Activiti. But if I cannot get it working, I'm doomed to be a slave to BPM products from IBM and Oracle. Someone help me out here please.

PS. Why am I also getting a error with SL4J scripting regardless of whether i use H2 or MYSQL?