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Could multiple Activiti engines share one Repository?

Question asked by mscai on Apr 12, 2011
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If multiple Activiti engines share one Repository DB, are there any issues?
In this environment, could each Activiti engine work independently?
In this environment, how could I query tasks, process instances which belong to the current activiti engine? It seems ProcessInstanceQuery and TaskQuery don't  provide this functionality.

My use case is a HA system. There are some active processes. Each process contains one activiti engine, and execute workflow. There are other processes which are called as backup processes. These processes do nothing. If one active process crashes, there would be backup process selected. This backup process takes up the responsibility of the crashed active process. It start a activiti engine and continue to execute workflows.

My rough idea is each activiti engine contains an unique processEngineName. All activiti engine share the same repository DB. And each of them works independently. If one process crashes (its activiti engine must crash), the selected backup process starts a activiti engine with the same processEngineName, and then continue.