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Possible problem with plugin auto discovery?

Question asked by daramcguinness on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by daramcguinness

in an attempt to familiarize myself with cycle, I’ve generated the attached jar which is a single class that should give a custom representation of a Signavio model (as can be seen from the source it has the CycleComponent annotation and it extends SignavioContentRepresentationProvider). I’ve put this class under WEB-INF/lib of the activity-rest webapp (activiti 5.4 demo install). Here is the behavior I’m seeing:

The CycleComponentFactory finds the plugin, as can be seen by this entry in the log file:

[size=85]14-apr-2011 10.18.42 org.activiti.cycle.CycleComponentFactory registerComponent
INFO: Registered component{context: APPLICATION, class:, types: [interface org.activiti.cycle.ContentRepresentation]}

However, I don’t see the Representation Tab for my plugin when I select the EasyBugFilingProcess artifact in the cycle application – I do see all of the other tabs, and in fact when I look at the JSON returned by the request  to localhost:8080/activiti-cycle/proxy/activiti-rest-endpoint/artifact?connectorId=Activiti&nodeId……. , my plugin is missing from the list of available representations:
"contentRepresentations": [
      "Developer Friendly BPMN 2.0"
      "Raw BPMN 2.0"

I’ve tried the Camunda plugin for jPDL round tripping on the same demo install (putting the three jar files in the same WEB-INF/lib location) and that works fine (I get the tabs for jPDL and jPDL Warnings).
What have I missed in my plugin?