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FormService.submitTaskFormData does not continue process

Question asked by kaech on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by frederikheremans1

I am implementing a Web Service wrapper around the Activiti services to connect clients via SOAP.

I have a simple process that includes one user task like this:

startEvent -> scriptTask(1) -> userTask -> scriptTask(2) -> endEvent

The user task comprises one formProperty to expose the process state to the clients.
The script tasks just dumps a message on the console so that I can see the progress.

When I complete the user task using Activiti Explorer the process is properly continued and all data is removed from the ACT_RU tables.

The Web Service is able to read task form properties via getTaskFormData. The problem appears when the Web Service submits the data back to the process. When I call FormService.submitTaskFormData or TaskService.complete in the Web Service the following happens:

1. The task dissapears from ACT_RU_TASK
2. The task variable (process data) does not dissapear from ACT_RU_VARIABLE
3. The process does not continue. ACT_RU_EXECUTION shows that scriptTask(2) is active.

So the process is stuck in script task 2. If I change the process so that the endEvent is executed directly after the user task it works as expected.
Do you have any idea why the process does not continue?