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Integrate activiti with external application

Question asked by nbklot3 on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by nbklot3
We are trying to implement work flow in one of our existing applications and I'm trying to explore the different possibilities or solutions using activiti. We are planning to create a generic work flow with 2 tasks - one to receive an object with field name and values and user task to provide the approval. (I have attached the process file)
1. User A submits changes in external application
2. Application kicks off a new work flow instance
3. A change request form is automatically generated and the object is sent to workflow engine
4. Workflow engine sends the task to the approver assigned to the user task
5. User B looks up tasks assigned and should be able to browse and view the object data
6. User B approves the change in external application
7. external application sends approval action to workflow engine
8. Workflow engine executes a web service to persist data in actual database

example of object - <InfoObject><field name=“name” id=”name”>Arun</field><field name=“department” id=“23”>Information tech</field>

can you please provide pointers or suggestions on implementing these use cases. Thanks in advance!