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[deployment] deploying process definitions and code -suggest

Question asked by javapapo on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2011 by jbarrez
Hello to all, my apologies for my initial simple question.

Based on the activiti-engine examples and the demo project I am trying to simplify and break down the steps of deployment in a very simplistic scenario. I am going to have a tomcat installation where I will deploy as the examples indicate my bars, jars and any related elements.

Question1: in case I wanted to isolate the business process code (definitions + java code) in a single 'module' the suggested way would be to have a generic Web App deployment plan  (war) and then throw there any related jar/pars? Is it an exploded war the basis for a start or I would just throw jars and bars just in the class path?

Question2: From the examples I can see that activiti.cfg.xml is being bundled within a specific jar (with the same name) and thrown within the classpath of the server - so that is picked and initialize the engine etc. Is this a suggested way to decouple this configuration file or I could just include activiti.cfg.xml within my jars - part of the simple application above?

Many thanks