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How to verify user task assignment at runtime?

Question asked by raj1 on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by mdtabrezmca
I have a Business Process with two user tasks ut1 and ut2 namely. Both usertasks have same candidate group Management. After deploying the process, at runtime, the requirement is to ensure that usertasks ut1 and ut2 are preformed by different users in the Candidate groups Management. For e.g.  if Kermit performs the task ut1, he(Kermit) cannot claim & perform the task ut2 and also ut2 has to be claimed & performed by another user in Candidate group Management.

To achieve this:

I will have to create Task listener for the user task ut2 on the event "assignment", then in the task listener get history of the usertask ut1 and check if the user assigned for task ut2 and the user performed the task ut1 are same.

If they are same then mark the task ut2 as unassigned.

Is this the correct approach?

Please guide me as how to go about and achieve this requirement?