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whats the best way to design a process that runs tasks async

Question asked by gs76pl on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by jbarrez

i'm trying to design a process that would run each task/work in a separate thread but a process as a whole shouldn't progress until specific job has been completed.

          |———[async task A] —————————-
          |                                                    |
start—- +———[async task B]———-[async task C]—–+ —————-end

so for a design as above i'd like to start task A and B in a separate thread but task C shouldn't be started until task B has been completed.

This is very much like a user task where process engine waits for a task to be completed. Is there any other way of getting similar functionality as i don't want to mix user tasks with tasks that are not user specific. I tried to use receiveTask but there doesn't seem to be any place where i could put my code to invoke some job async.