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How to model parallel sub-activity execution using PVM APIs

Question asked by romanoff on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by romanoff

I'd like to define an PvmProcessDefinition using a fluent-API and have there an activity with  sub-activities. Sub-activities are not connected to each other by means of transitions. They simply represent independent tasks to be executed.

For this composite activity, I'd like to define a following execution semantics:
- when this activity is entered via a transition, it starts all of its sub-activities in parallel
- when execution of all (or a certain number) of sub-activities has finished, the composite activity is considered to be finished as well and proceeds as usual using its outgoing transitions

  How something like this can be done using PVM APIs?
  Are there any examples that can be used as a basis?
  I'm very interested to see if I need to use createExecution for starting sub-activities and do all the book-keeping on my own. Specifically, how does one implement waiting for the termination of sub-activities? May be it is possible to receive some signals upon termination of each sub-activity?
  Is it possible to have non-blocking waiting for termination of sub-activities?

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