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How to pass data along with boundaryEvent?

Question asked by franz1 on May 11, 2011

I have a calling proccess in which I do:

    <callActivity id="callingId"
        <activiti:in source="super_var1" target="called_var1" />
        <activiti:out source="called_msg" target="super_msg" />

    <boundaryEvent attachedToRef="callingId"
      cancelActivity="true" id="callingId_Error">
      <errorEventDefinition errorRef="myError" />

In the called process in case of an error, I generate a message for the user (who is "located" in the calling process). But when I leave using the boundaryEvent, my super_msg is not set.
How can I access the content of called_msg from my calling process?

Thanks and regards