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Is Grails Activiti Plugin production ready?

Question asked by limcheekin on May 12, 2011
Hi there,

If you are evaluating the Grails Activiti Plugin, I am sure the question "Is it production ready" is the first in your mind. I can assure you, it was. Before I share you a link to show you how other people using it in the production or to-be production environment, I would like to update you about the status of the plugin.

First of all, if you are following releases of the plugin, you may wander now what happened to release 5.5, why there is no release news? If you are keen to test drive new features of Activiti 5.5, you can try Grails Activiti Plugin 5.5 Unofficial Released at You can use this version of plugin for production if you are not using Activiti Spring Security Integration plugin.

This 5.5 released being known as "unofficial" due to the reason that it break the Spring Security Integration after the refactoring of internals in Activiti 5.5. Therefore, I don't think it is wise to release it officially as it will break all applications which used Spring Security as custom identity service. I'm working hard to fix this issue at the moment. I am glad if you can offer your hand or at least an advice to fix this issue. Regarding the issues being faced, please find out more at

Finally, here is how people use the Grails Activiti Plugin in production:
(If you don't think it is production ready, I'd love to hear your comments.)

Best regards,
Chee Kin