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Lightweight async via Groovy & REST?

Question asked by roblong on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by frederikheremans1
First, kudos to the entire team, Activiti's been a treat to learn (even for a Java newbie).

Issue: I've had surprising success with fairly complex Activiti workflows, but have failed to integrate Activiti into our async python/php infrastructure.

Use case - Amazon Mechanical Turk process:
- intiate process via human task/form
- enqueue task/process vars via script task
    —  (groovy: add process Vars to Redis queue via jedis)
    —  problem: ProcessInstanceID or BusinessKey not available within <script>
- do external work (Amazon Turk via our existing systems)
    —  may be a multi-day process depending on scope
- integrate back into workflow via REST
    —  problem: assuming I have ProcessInstanceID/BusinessKey  REST api returns png diagram, but not json of current task(s)  (service/process/<123>/diagram)
- wait for human approval
- complete process

Pulling hair out a bit trying to work around these two issues:

  o How to enqueue correlation keys & process variables via groovy/jython script?

  o Determine current task(s) for given correlation key via REST?

I assume I'm missing something obvious… or more likely I'm an edge case, relying on experimental interfaces and just need to bust out the Java Beans/Spring for dummies?

Appreciate any pointers.

- Rob