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Web localization and start event varaiables

Question asked by future_makers on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by frederikheremans1
I would ask about localization ?
I develop a web application and using html and jsp form  i can't use localiztion of struts or any
I face 2 problems
1- how to see my htttpsession from actvitiy engine ?
2- i had to path my messages bundle as a variables of process or task but i face big problems i can't path varaibales to start event and i path my varaiables using process scope but i can't see it

for examples to set varaibles and not see in render form method

RuntimeService runTimeService = activitiService.getRuntimeService();
ProcessInstance pi= runTimeService.startProcessInstanceById(processDef.getId(),variables);   request.setAttribute("newStartedPI", pi.getId());
MessageResources messages=this.getResources(request);               
activitiService.getRuntimeService().setVariable((String)request.getAttribute("newStartedPI"), "lables",messages );
activitiService.getRuntimeService().setVariable((String)request.getAttribute("newStartedPI"), "processDefId",processDefId);
Object startForm = activitiService.getFormService().getRenderedStartForm(processDefId);   
exception say  lables propety not exist

I hope to help me