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Having issues with both modeler and designer

Question asked by tcolar on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by tcolar
Using 5.2.

When i use the Eclipse designer and add a service task, it says there is a problem with my schema because I need to specify the class.
However in the property pane, when i choose "Java class" , the "service class" field gets disabled, so I can't enter it.


While in this state it's not possible to save the xml and fix it by hand either, since it complains about that error in the schema.

In the web modeler i can create my schema … however when i try to upload it into the engine it keeps complaining some "flows" are not connected ven though in the schema they are.

This is quite frustrating, I'd like to at least get the Eclipse designer working, since at least it does some validation and gives you feedback whereas the web based designer always says "syntax ok" even though it won't import into the engine.