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(very) long lasting processes

Question asked by heymjo on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk

We have business processes implementing important legal procedures that can take more than a year (or several years) to complete. Say we start such process instance today using Activiti 5.5, and we need to upgrade to Activiti 7 in two years from now, in what way could this upgrade impact the running process instances ? Is it possible to assert the risks here ?

I'm thinking things like (in ascending order of disruptiveness)
  1. api changes on the process engine services

  2. deprecated / removed / changed extension points

  3. changes in the database schema

  4. changes in process execution semantics

Anything else ?

We can easily find out and fix 1/2/3 in a test environment, but 4/ will be harder to test against. I'm not asking for a binary-compatibility-guarantee here, just want to get an idea what we are looking at if we decide to implement Activiti for the long haul on this project.