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How to map Vaadin tables to form properties?

Question asked by andregs on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by jbarrez

I'm building an user form using Vaadin as explained here:

My form has some text fields and also a Vaadin editable Table. The user clicks on a "new item" button to create new items (aka rows) in the table. When the user submits the form, I want to map the submited form data (including the table items) to activiti form properties. I already have one <activiti:formProperty /> for each field in my form, but I don't know how to map the table items.

Must I have one activiti:formProperty for the entire table? If so, how can I convert the entire table data to the Map<String, String> required by FormService.submitStartFormData()?

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