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Endless loop in activiti with boundary-event miss-spelled

Question asked by franz1 on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by bernd.ruecker

my problem was, that I had a typo in the definition of the error at the boundary-event of the calling process

<boundaryEvent attachedToRef="calling"
cancelActivity="true" id="callingError">
<errorEventDefinition errorRef="someTypo" />

This led to an endless loop in ErrorEndEventActivityBehavior.executeCatchInSuperProcess(ActivityExecution)

while (!found && outgoingExecution != null) {

if (outgoingExecution != null && catchingActivity != null) {


as after one iteration I had found=false, outgoingExecution!=null, catchingActivity=null

It would be desirable to get an exception in this case. If I hadn't had this running in the debugger, I'd probably still searching for that error :-(

Thanks and regards