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DB2 support going stable?

Question asked by rlm on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by bernd.ruecker
Hi Activiti

We are looking into using Activiti as a major part of the next version of our core main-system.
We are using DB2 on the latest version of i/OS (IBM iSeries) as the backend DB and would like to use it as backend for Activiti as well.

We are currently testing the DB2 integration but are running into some problems. Until now we haven't seen any problems we couldn't solve though.

We would really like to see the DB2 integration be stable, which it obvious isn't right now.
What will it take for it to be stable? and how can we help exactly.
Is it "just" a matter of getting the creation scripts running, and all unit tests turning green?
or what is your "stable" criteria?

Depending on the amount of work we might be able to help out.

Best regards

René Markvard