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about Chinese Activiti user guide

Question asked by lijiantao on May 29, 2011
Latest reply on May 29, 2011 by lijiantao
Hi ! My friends.

I'm a boy, no, exactly a man (I'm already 24), from China, my name is Jiantao Li, the Chinese is 栗建涛. It is last year when i graduated from university. Ever since, i'm working on programming. My technology in programming is not very poor, and my english is also very poor. But always i will do something conscientiously, i study hard, and then work hard.

Recently, i have completed translating the Activiti 5.4 user guide to its Chinese version. But now, i have no idea of how i'll deal with it, i mean whether i can open it freely under the permission from you, and if you agree to do that, how i should open it, for example, the way, etc.

At the same time, i wish i make the one who effort to spread Activiti across China.

I don't know if i've maked myself clear, since my english is so poor.

I really don't know if i send it right, if not, whether you can pass it to Mr Right, please.I can not find a email, so i can't send the Chinese file.

my MSN :

Sincerely yours, Jiantao Li ( 栗建涛 )
HeBei Province, China.