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Activiti on MS SQL 2005

Question asked by seges on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by frederikheremans1
Hello. I would like to ask, whether there is a planned support for this database. Currently I can't run Activiti on it, because I can't create the schema. activiti.mssql.create.engine.sql and activiti.mssql.create.history.sql scripts will fail on MSSQL 2005, as in "create unique index ACT_UNIQ_RU_BUS_KEY on ACT_RU_EXECUTION (PROC_DEF_ID_, BUSINESS_KEY_) where BUSINESS_KEY_ is not null;" the "…where BUSINESS_KEY_ is not null" is not supported.
How important is this unique index ? Could Activiti run without it ? I did not research the purpose of this table and index, but would I maybe be able to check that constraint programatically myself ?
I really have no other option, that to use MSSQL 2005, which makes my heart bleed, because if I won't be able to get Activiti up&running, I'd probably have to switch to jBPM 4.4, cos of jBPM 5's poor Spring integration. Thanks for any help/advice.