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tutorial flaws

Question asked by avinkrish on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by avinkrish
Hi I am new to BPM. Fortunately Activiti is the first BPM tool i started looking into. I read the tutorial. It was great to set up the environment for the test code. But the flip side is the example doesn't focus on a practical example like the ones in the explorer for Monthly Finance report, Vacation request etc. Where is the source code for these processes? It doesnt walk us through a typical development cycle. For someone new to BPM itself, it is overwhelming to use the examples to understand the real BPM world in action. May the tutorial assumes the reader has prior BPM tool experience. I am having tones of questions and confusions as to where to start. I dont understand if these tables that are created for this examples are required when we start programing our own application. Looks like the samples are too much glued within itself. I would like to see the tutorial in a way as to how to solve a simple workflow problem from a clean state by just using eclipse and the designer plugin and the lib support jars, and then slowly progress into explorer, probe etc.

May be i need to wait for a book to be released like the "Spring Recipes".  :oops: