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NOSQL support

Question asked by mchaia on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by mchaia
Hi all,
I know that a workflow engine relies on a transactional relational database to maintain state, putting focus on Consistency (in terms of "CAP theorem").
Taking into account performance and horizontal scalability, is it possible to think about a NOSQL database for workflow engine repository? (let's say MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)
I'm concerned about MySQL performance & scalability in a high-demand website.
Am I conceptually wrong thinking about that?
I'd like to hear different opinions and, on the other hand, to have a strong argument to justify massive, concurrent access to a RDBMS (MySQL) in our website.
(I didn't see NOSQL support in Activiti roadmap).
Thanks in advance,