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getBusinessKey() on DelegateExecution returns null

Question asked by mesterlis on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by yerbol777
Since Activiti 5.6, it's possible to retrieve business key from DelegateExecution in JavaDelegate task, which is great! It works in most cases. However, I came across a case where delegateExecution.getBusinessKey() returns null.

I have the following definition:

<parallelGateway id="fork" />
<sequenceFlow id="flow140" sourceRef="fork" targetRef="meetingUserTask" />
<sequenceFlow id="flow150" sourceRef="fork" targetRef="meetingDelegateTask" />

meetingUserTask refers to a user task and meetingDelegateTask refers to a JavaDelegate task.

When I try to retrieve the business key from meetingDelegateTask, I get null back.

It seems like a bug, but maybe there is a work around for it.

Your help is greatly appreciated.