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Try to create FileTypeForm

Question asked by campa on Jul 1, 2011
Hi ,

I need to have forms with uploads, so I have investigated reading activiti docs and reading the sources on howto implement it .
I have found on wiki, that the way is extending the AbstractFormType , but I have found that the signature to get the model is like:
public abstract Object convertFormValueToModelValue(String propertyValue);
Also I see that the signature to submit a form in class FormService is:
void submitTaskFormData(String taskId, Map<String, String> properties);

So how can I pass to these method, as an input field value, a file ?
Do you mean I need to encode the file as base64 String ? I do not think can be a good idea… for future ..

How we can add this new activiti feature in a cleaner way ?

Thanks in advance