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exclusive gateway inside a parallel gateway

Question asked by sebikaiser on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2011 by jbarrez
hi, i am having troubles when i use an exclusive gateway inside a parallel gateway

my workflow looks like this:
   <parallelGateway id="fork" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="fork" targetRef="way1" />
   <serviceTask id="way1" name="way1" activiti:expression="#{way1Task.execute(execution)}" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way1" targetRef="join" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="fork" targetRef="way2" />
   <serviceTask id="way2" name="way2" activiti:expression="#{way2Task.execute(execution)}" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way2" targetRef="way2Evaluation" />
   <exclusiveGateway id="way2Evaluation" name="way2Evaluation" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way2Evaluation" targetRef="way2a" >
   <serviceTask id="way2a" name="way2a" activiti:expression="#{way2aTask.execute(execution)}" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way2a" targetRef="join" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way2Evaluation" targetRef="way2b" />
   <serviceTask id="way2b" name="way2b" activiti:expression="#{way2bTask.execute(execution)}" />
   <sequenceFlow sourceRef="way2b" targetRef="join" />
   <parallelGateway id="join" />
Affter gooing throw way2b, it just go to the end of the flow, but if i comment one of way2a or way2b it work just fine
Does anyone has any idea? is it a bug or i am doing something wrong?