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Class not found exception in java service task

Question asked by kavi on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by cavdar
Hi ,

To use java service task i have create my own java class in "\activiti\workspace\activiti-engine-examples\target\classes\org\activiti\examples\bpmn\servicetask" named "mails.class"

My bpm.xml files are in "activiti\workspace\activiti-modeler-examples".

So how can i refer my class in my bpm.xml file?

I just copied the org\activiti\examples\bpmn\servicetask folder in my file path "activiti\workspace\activiti-modeler-examples". and in bpm.xml file i referred
<serviceTask completionQuantity="1" activiti:class="org.activiti.examples.bpmn.servicetask.mails"  id="sid-78176AC6-C1E4-43FB-BB8F-48550589A89B" name="Send notification email to admin on status &quot;Applied&quot;" startQuantity="1">
            <signavio:signavioMetaData metaKey="bgcolor" metaValue="#ffffcc"/>

How should i refer the class?
I get the exception as "06040005 Wrapped Exception (with status template): couldn't instantiate class mails"
The error was ClassNotFoundException

Why is it so? How should i refer my class?

Help me