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Start a process using Rest Interface

Question asked by kavi on Jul 5, 2011
Hi ,

I would like to use Rest interface to start the process from other application.
To do so i referred

But i have doubts as how to do it?

How to use Post option for a process in Myprocess.bpm20.xml?
For eg : I have the process
<definitions xmlns="" xmlns:bpmndi="" xmlns:omgdc="" xmlns:omgdi="" xmlns:signavio="" xmlns:xsi="" exporter="Signavio Process Editor," exporterVersion="" expressionLanguage="" id="sid-364fae4e-49c9-4005-b2ca-f8848ae28f43" targetNamespace="" typeLanguage="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
   <process id="sid-b0bc2b6d-2b26-4d5b-b1ad-4740f20a9650" isExecutable="false">

Here where can i write the resp interface to start the process from other application?

Is it possible to set the url for this process so that i can start the process by this url from other application?