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Deletion of Deployments

Question asked by stefanschmidbauer on Jul 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by jbarrez

I have a little Problem with deleting Process instances. Deleting a Cascade also destroys the Process Definition / AdHow Workflow itself? .. I've had a Version 14 workflow, created an instance of it and tried it (wrong date format in a input), got a failure, wanted to drop the instance, destroyed the whole process, yay  :?

What am I doing wrong? I'd just like to delete the process instance itself, not the definition which i created using KickStart. The Process was already started (failure was on step 2), i could not get rid of the the process with the simple Delete (threw an SQL Exception, i guess something about referential integrity) so i tried the Delete Cascade in order to drop the instance along with all running tasks.

A litte tip would be nice, thanks