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Roundtrip between bpmn20.xml and activiti files

Question asked by cmorgia on Jul 6, 2011
Dear all,
I would like to know if there's any way to roundtrip changes from the bpmn20.xml file to the original .activiti file.
As far as I understand, the usual flow is through a transformation form the .activiti to the .bpm20.xml.

However, there are cases when you would better operate on the 'output' file so this feature would be very useful.

For example, in my case I would like to have two subprocess that embeds an 'adhoc' modified with an timer boundary and a pooled review.
I tried to create the two adhoc and pooled review diagrams using 5.7 and the templates but when I try to copy&paste into the subprocesses of the third diagram, the activities refuse to be embedded into the subprocess.

This would be a nice way to reuse building blocks.

I also tried to use 'call activity' but it seems that I cannot attach a boundary timer to that….

Thanks a lot for every info,