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Engine API : swimlane, WS Human Task, outgoing transitions

Question asked by fredg on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk
Hi all,

Actually looking for an OpenSource BPM engine, it’s good to see a serious challenger.
Regarding some other engines, I have few questions after doing some tests using API via unit tests: (testing 5.6 embedded in Spring 3 /Postgresql environment)

•   Swimlane : this concept is widely used in many BPM engines, and is BPMN compliant, will Activiti engine implements it ? It’s useful to manage initiators / owners.
•   Initiator of process done via API (as a workaround for lack of swimlane): is the IdentityService.setAuthenticatedUserId(String) thread safe ? Javadoc is not clear enough on that point, when sharing IdentityService using Spring configuration.
•   WS Human Task: will the specification be implemented? A conform API for TaskService would be great. Actually how can I manage “started” tasks, and a “suspend”/ “resume” goal. (Resume on Event is my target). I saw but this should be done by engine, not by me.
•   Transitions: I agree answers, but I also understand purpose of questions. So far a direct access to Transition could be a great Task/gateways pattern shortcut. (and would help to migrate from JPDL)

Less important but maybe I’ve missed some points:
•   deploymentResources in SpringProcessEngineConfiguration : Is the filtering preventing duplicate deployments working ? In my junits, I have new deployments each run, and this is the only non rollbacked part.

Thanks for answers.